Bolo tie

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price: $3100.00

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This will be the crown jewel of your Engelhard collection!

****The only other example of an Engelhard Raw Industrial Bar sold for $4,100 on 10/2018. Don’t miss this unicorn****

 rare engelhard 16.075 oz vintage 999 silver bar low mintage tier 1
price: $1899.99
These are iconic ingots of lowest production and remain the most highly valued Engelhard pieces. They carry a high probability of enjoying further appreciation from a collectibility standpoint. Examples of Tier 1 Legacy Ingots include all Top-Logo varieties, 2oz, 4oz and 7oz ingots, most 3oz and 25oz varieties, London Kilo and ½ Kilo class.
 engelhard 7 oz silver bar 6th series 100 tier 1 s/n 70065...
price: $1750.00
Beautiful example of this very rare 7oz Engelhard 6th series error bar. Partial X8 Y9 rotary dial prefix stamp before serial number. Very collectible example.
 tier 1 rare vintage 5 oz engelhard counterstamped silver diamond
price: $1380.00
Silver Poured Ingot. Tier 1 Silver Bar . Silver Diamond Corporation Hallmark/Engelhard. You are purchasing the bar pictured. Check pic with the write up about this particular bar. KRF Tested.