Transparent Market Pricing

SpotAsk is a global online marketplace for investable products such as coins, diamonds, precious metals, materials and gems. Our unique approach connects buyers, collectors, investors, enthusiasts and others with goods to buy at true market value. Our vision was to build a data-driven, unbiased, and easy way to navigate online collections of all the top products on the market so that buyers can make informed purchases and sellers can understand the maximum value of their goods at any point in time.

How it Works

Using a stock market 'bid'/'ask' model, SpotAsk allows buyers to place bids on goods and sellers to place asks on goods. Once a bid and ask are right for each other, a transaction takes place!

Transactions on SpotAsk are capable of setting a new updated market price, removing ambiguity of "e;how much is this product actually worth."e; We are excited to see our community grow and work tirelessly to bring you the best features to help you as a buyer or seller make the best decisions possible!

Shop Securely

We provide all the technology behind the SpotAsk marketplace, helping buyers and sellers connect and exchange securely and efficiently is our top priority.Your data and information is always transmitted using 256-bit bank level encryption over SSL. We want to keep our platform fun and we're always here to help.


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